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Chocolate Malt Brownie Parfait in a Jar from a Spicy Perspective

Chocolate Malt Brownie Parfait in a Jar from a Spicy PerspectiveLets talk about the current popularity of Mason Jars…We use them to store jams, butters or winter salads but lately the use of Mason Jars has got a new dimension. They are one of the favorite items to decorate and one of the best items to use for DIY projects. But did you know that you can use them as a serving dish for desserts? “Oh cute,” you might say, “someone has taken the chocolate brownie and place into a jar”. Blogger Sommer Collier of a Spicy Perspective shares how to make Chocolate brownie in a jar with layers and layers of perfection!

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Strawberry Brownie Kabobs by Erica

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs by Erica

Enter the brownie kebab!
You are surely remember Rainbow fruit kabobs back a couple years ago, which litteraly explode on pinterest ? These strawberry-brownie-kabobs from Erica are very much alike plus they have big brownie help. Brownies are heavenly in any form, if you ask me, but as kebabs? They’ve never tasted better. Trust me.They are just perfect for the any holiday time. You get the hankering to Continue reading