Pizza Nachos by Maria & Josh

Pizza Nachos by Maria & Josh Yep. Pizza nachos. Where oh where have you been all my life, friend?! This is two of, like, the best foodstuffs in the world, so wrong. so right. Nachos and pizza, together forever.Nothing beats nachos, except maybe pizza, so this is a total win situation.Tortilla chips smothered in pizza sauce, classic combination pizza toppings, and gobs of ooey gooey cheese. Who needs crust? I spotted the idea on the wonderful comfort food blog two peas and their pod. The great thing about these pizza nachos, much like any nacho, is that you can make them your own way. Don’t like pepperoni? Try something else. Don’t like olives? Try Artichokes, or broccoli, or heck, you can see where I’m heading. Use your imagination. I can guarantee you will love them. Give these a try and let me know what you think!

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