Pancetta Pizza with Oregano Recipe

What do you remember about a meal? Often, it is not the potatoes, vegetables or even fruits that give a meal its peculiar taste and flavour. Those flavours are often more neutral. The flavours that are remembered the most are the tastes of the spices that are used. Can you imagine Mexican food without all the hot spices? At MCHEF, you can find lots of spices but spices alone are not enough. You need a meal in which you can make use of the spices. We would like to present a recipe for a pancetta pizza with Oregano.

The Ingredients

Like any other recipe, we start by listing a couple of ingredients. Naturally, you will need one pizza base unless you want to create the pizza base yourself. And pizza would never taste the same without some pizza sauce. We recommend tomato sauce since that is what is used for most pizza s, but you can choose another one if you prefer. There are also some ingredients needed for a top layer. These top layer ingredients include union, 1 pack pancetta and 1 mozzarella.

Preparing the Seasoning

First, you have to preheat the oven to about 180. That gives the oven time to heat up before the pizza is ready. Then, the union should be chopped. You should chop it roughly. After the union has been chopped, it s time to slice the mozzarella into smaller pieces. Divide them over the surface of your pizza so every part has at least a small bit of mozzarella. The same should be done with the pancetta. You should tear it apart and turn it into pieces. That s the top layer for now.

The Pizza Itself

Unpack your pizza base and cover it with the pizza sauce. You already sliced the union, mozzarella and pancetta so you put that on top of your pizza. You don t have to add the whole Mozzarella or union if that seems too much, but do remember that unions tend to shrink when they get hot. The size of the mozzarella stays more or less the same in the oven.

Add the Herbs and Spices

And then comes the best part: as a final touch, you should garnish the pizza with Oregano and other seasonings. Add as many spices and herbs as you like. There is no right or wrong, especially since everyone prefers something different. Maybe you like a pinch of Oregano and a whole lot of salt. The best Oregano are the fresh ones that you grow in your own herb garden or kitchen. Because of its slightly bitter and yet aromatic taste, it tastes well with almost any meal. If you don t like Oregano at all and want to cover the pizza with some old-fashioned Italian spices. Anything is possible and you should add herbs and spices to taste.

Baking the Pizza

Once you consider the pizza to be ready, all there is left to do is to put the pizza in the oven and wait until the base has acquired a golden colour and the cheese has melted.

Enjoy your meal!

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